Monday 24 August 2015

Cakes & Bakes

Here is a collection of mouthwatering baked delicacies which includes puddings, breads, cakes, muffins / cupcakes and cookies. Though I am not a professional baker, my interest in baking insist me to try different baked goodies. 

Find the recipe of your interest, try it out and enjoy!

Mango Chocolate Marble / Bundt Cake - Eggless & Butterless Version
Tuitty Frutti Cookies / Christmas Cookies (Eggless)
Chickpea Crackers / Savory Crackers
Baked Date & Chocolate Rolls / Breads (Eggless)

Baked Vegetable Cheesy Pasta / Baked Cheesy Pasta

Apple Bundt Cake / Apple Cake

Muffins / Cupcakes

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