About Poornima

I am a dietitian by qualification with lot of passion for cooking new recipes! I am relentless in trying out new dishes which is always enjoyed by my family & friends. Many of my recipes have been published in magazines and won prizes in various competitions.
My passion towards cooking and the urge to share my culinary delights with others have prompted me to create this blog. All the recipes that you will find in this blog are tried and tested by me through the knowledge & experience gained from the elders in my family, friends, cookery books and shows.

I hope to update this blog continuously with more & more recipes and features making it more appealing & beneficial to the readers.

I request your feedback to improve this continuously.Thanks for visiting my blog.

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For any queries mail to poornimaporchelvan@yahoo.co.in.


  1. dearest poorni,this is rampriya(we studied in avinashilingam together) from pollachi,i was so overjoyed to see ur site.pz contact me if you r not busy.

  2. hi poornima, this is shanthi from 7aumsuvai.com...i read somewhere that you have done your studies in kaveri college..i too studied there..which batch are you from?

  3. Nice blog with mouthwatering recipes...:)


  4. ungal assai arvam ungalai mel[up]nokki chella seyum.

  5. Hey Poorni, remember me Priti , who prompted to learn Baking from u in u r bldg.:) I was looking at your blog , it 's mouth watering recipes :) great job. Good luck Priti - Toronto

  6. Poornima,

    Your blog is awesome , awash with so many tasty traditional recipes...
    Please visit the PCRM website , to know about the negative impact of milk and milk products on our health.
    In short, milk and milk products causes many diseases...

    I hope you post many vegan recipes - good for health and planet!


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