Monday 2 April 2018

Medu Vada / Ulundu Vadai

Medu Vada / Vadai  is one of the most popular & easy to prepare snack of South Indian cuisine; usually served along with Sambar and Coconut chutney.  

I prepare this often at home as it is my elder son's  favorite.  However  it is only now I am posting this step by step elaborate description with pictures to be helpful for beginners.  

In restaurants Vada is usually served along with idli / pongal as a breakfast combo and we South Indians prepare this at home mostly for festive/special occasions!

Let's check the recipe now,

2 hours soaking time
2 hrs 20 mins
Recipe for Medu Vada / Ulundu Vadai
Recipe type: Snack
Cuisine: South  Indian
Yields -  18 to 20 vadas(approximately)


Whole urad / ulundu - 1 cup
Ginger - 1" piece
Green chillies - 2
Onion - 1(finely chopped)
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Coriander leaves - 1 to 2 tbsp(chopped)
Salt - as required
Water - as required
Oil - for deep frying


Wash and soak urad dhal for 2 hours.  Drain and add it to a mixer or grinder along with chopped ginger and green chillies. 

Grind it into a smooth paste by adding water little by little.

The batter have to be smooth, not too thick or liquid. (Tip: A Take a dollop of of batter and add it to the water; if it floats; then its the the correct consistency to prepare vada)

Add salt, finely chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves and curry leaves; mix well. (if batter is thin, you can adjust the consistency by adding rice flour)

Heat oil in a pan; mean while keep a bowl of water and vada batter ready.

When a oil is hot; wet your hands and take a portion of batter in your finger and flatten it roughly;  make a hole in the center using your thumb.

(You can also use banana leaf or zip lock covers to make the shape)

Drop slowly inside the oil, deep fry the Vadas till both sides turn golden brown in colour. Strain the oil; repeat with the remaining batter.

Hot Medu vada's are ready to serve!


Don't add salt while grinding.

Try to make vada, once the batter is ready; If you keep it for long; Vada will absorb more oil.

You can also add whole pepper to the vada batter.

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