Saturday 4 April 2015

(Tri-colour) Check Board Cake

This Check Board Cake recipe comes on this special occasion of 'One Million Page Views'.

I prepared this cake for my elder son Deepak's birthday; I always prefer to prepare the cake myself, for special occasions at home.

Traditional Check Board Cakes comes only with two colours; brown and white. I tried out this cake with the three colours and it came out well!

My friends and kids in the party were surprised to see the tri-colour pattern in the cake.

Here, secret behind the pattern is revealed! Let's check out the recipe.


Eggs - 6
Milk - 2 ½ to 3 cups
Vanilla essence - 3 tsp
Cake flour - 6 cups
Sugar - 3 cups (powdered)
Baking powder - 3 tbsp
Salt - 2 tsp
Unsalted butter - 1½ cup
Choco chip - 85 grams
Pink / red food colour - 1 tsp

To prepare Cake Flour:

You need to remove 2 tbsp of all purpose flour from the cup and replace 2 tbsp with cornflour.  Cake flour is ready.


Preheat oven to 180 deg C; prepare three 9" baking tin and keep aside (I have only one tin; so baked in batches)

Sift together the flour and baking powder; set aside.

Beat sugar and butter till it becomes fluffy and light.

Add eggs one by one and beat it thoroughly. Then add vanilla essence.

Fold in the flour mixture into the wet ingredients; use the spatula to mix evenly.  Add milk to adjust the consistency (add little by little).

Divide the cake batter into three bowls and add melted chocolate to one bowl and food colour to another; leave the third one plain.

Pour the cake batter into the greased cake tins and bake on preheated oven at 180 deg C for 15 – 20 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into center of a cake comes out clean.

Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.

Trim the cakes to level, if needed and chill the cakes to avoid to crumbling.

Chill the cakes before you cut the cakes into circles. Take a 3" cutter and 6" cutter or you can use any bowl or lid that fit that size to cut circles.

From each you will get three circles.  Now it's fun time; mix up the all the three flavour circles in one cake. 

 Apply butter cream inside the cake circles before you are fixing the alternate colour. 

This will help to keep the cakes intact.

On serving plate or on cake board; place a cake layer and spread a layer of icing on top of one of the layers and place the other layer on top to create a 3-layer cake.

Spread light coat of frosting on top and side of cake to seal in crumbs; then frost with remaining frosting.

Once you have finished frosting the cake, add any decorative touches or words that fit your occasion!

Chill the cake for an hour (this will help to set the frosting). Now the cake is ready for the party.

Vanilla Butter Cream Icing / Frosting:

Butter - 1 to 1½ cups
Icing Sugar - 3 to 4 cups
Vanilla essence - 1 to 1½ tsp
Milk - 3 to 4 tbsp

In a large bowl, cream butter until smooth, then gradually beat in sugar.

Blend in vanilla and beat until light and fluffy.  If necessary, adjust consistency with milk.

This recipe is useful for decorating and piping on cakes / cupcakes.


You can also check here for better ideas to arrange the layers.


  1. congrats dear,nice cake to celebrate it

  2. congrats on ur achievement dear... the cake looks really good... :)

  3. Congrats dear ..the cake looks great


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