Sunday 26 January 2014

Home Made Mayonnaise - A Guest Post From Ram Priya

Ms. Rampriya is a close friend of mine since college days; she hosts a blog "Wild turmeric" where one can find several useful home remedies based on ancient wisdom practiced in the villages of Tamil Nadu.

When I asked her for a guest post in my blog, she readily agreed with her passion for cooking. Thanks Ram, for the wonderful recipe!

Mayonnaise is something that all in the family, both kids & adults love to taste; and it is seldom made at home but bought from the market though it can be made very easily. 


Organic egg:1
Sugar : ½ tsp
Vinegar (non synthetic): ½ tbsp
Prepared mustard paste: 1 tsp
Salt & pepper: to taste
Unflavored oil: 1 cup


Add egg, sugar, salt, vinegar, pepper, mustard in a wide bowl and whisk everything together well (I did the whole process in my blender).

Once every thing is blended well, add oil drop by drop (Mayonnaise will curdle if you add oil faster), simultaneously whisking with the other hand till it forms a thick emulsion.

Check for salt and store in a bottle. Use it within a week.


The key to get Mayonnaise in the right consistency is to add oil slowly (else the mayonnaise will curdle) and to whisk continuously. 

Since there is salt in mustard, be careful with the amount of salt you add.

You can use either white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar for this recipe.

You may substitute a part of the oil with virgin olive oil for a healthier version. 


  1. Home made Mayonnise is always better than the store bought one. Nice Guest Post.

  2. lovely guest post poornima heading towards wild turmeric too :)


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