Thursday 9 May 2013

Mixed Fruit Smoothie

A healthy and refreshing smoothie for the summer with a natural goodness of fruits.

Serves -  2 to 3


Banana - ½ ( Peeled and sliced)
Kiwi fruits - 2 (Peeled and sliced)
Mango - ½ cup (Peeled and sliced)
Orange juice - 1 cup (Fresh or store bought)
Sugar or Honey - to taste(optional)
Ice cubes


Put the banana, kiwi, mango and orange juice in a blender.

Blend well till it becomes smooth and frothy. 

Dilute it with water or milk if you want and pour into glasses.

Add ice cubes and serve immediately.


Feel free to substitute any of your favorite fruits or juices.

Sending this recipe to Sowmya's page and Gayathri's page for the event  for Walk Through Memory Lane.


  1. Will be perfect as the first deink for the day or anytime of the day. Love the combo of fruits but I think I will skip the sugar or honey.

  2. Healthy and refreshing smoothie..

  3. Refreshing,healthy and yummy smoothie! :)

  4. Refreshing drink dear...slurp! :)

  5. healthy & refreshing drink for summer.

  6. Haa, you got all the lovely fruits lined up, love it!!
    A great thirst quencher for this terrible summer!!!
    Super cool!! Love the addition of Kiwi, super dooper vitamin C dose!

  7. so refreshing and delicious smoothie... a great way to beat the summer heat... Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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