Wednesday 30 January 2013

Strawberry Juice Jelly

Here is a cute, simple & yummy jelly treat particularly for children; my kids loved it more than I expected!  Try this and treat your children to renew the bonding & love you share with them.

Will come out with more such dishes on this month of Valentine!  Advance wishes for the Valentine's Day!!!!


Strawberry juice (sweetened) - 2 cups 
Un-flavoured Gelatin - 1 ½  tbsp
Condensed milk - 2 tbsp
Cold water - 1/3 cup
unflavoured oil - to coat on silicone moulds (this will help to unmould the jelly easily)


In a bowl, sprinkle 1½ tablespoon of un-flavoured gelatin over the cold water.  Leave for 5  minutes to allow it to become soft .

Meanwhile, heat two cups of the strawberry juice (until hot but upto boiling) and mix in gelatin till it dissolves completely (do this in a low flame).

Allow to cool; then add condensed milk and stir until mixture is even and creamy.

Grease the jelly moulds with un-flavoured oil and pour the mixture in the moulds.


Place it in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours or until set.  Un-mould and Serve.


If you are using unsweetened juice, add sugar separately as required.  Remember to add while heating the juice and mix till the sugar dissolves..

You can also try with your other favorite juices.

I have added condensed milk to give a smooth texture to jelly; it also helps to retain perfect shape when you un-mould.

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  1. Looks super delicious.Pefect recipe for Valentines day

  2. Love it any time :) Looks cute and delectable :)

  3. so cute and want to grab all.parcel me please:)

  4. cute and delicious dessert.....perfect treat for valentine's day!!
    thanks for linking...

  5. They are true kiddos most favorite!!! love it!!

  6. Whoa.. Great.. I am bookmarking it for my son.. thanks a ton

  7. Wow! perfectly un-moulded firm jellies!! superb!

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  8. Looks super cute :). Thx for linking.

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  9. wow!!!great to see your jellies

  10. Wow it looks too great last week i bought these heart shaped molds yuppie i can make jelly from them ;) thanks for sharing poornima ;)


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